For the last twenty years of his life Tyler has followed a simple routine: Wake up. Workout. Shower. Drive to work for the late shift at his local line dancing bar.

A simple, quiet, unremarkable routine lived out in the small Arizona town of Paradise. The only real interruption to his routine are the strangers he meets on grindr for a quick fix hookup.

That is, until the day that a Hollywood film crew rolls into town.

When Tyler drives past the set on his way to work, he pulls up on a hill to watch the action playing out below. He sees an actor amid the aged sets and dusty period costumes. he’s handsome. Charismatic. A far off impossibility.

At least that’s how it seems till later that night when the two match on Grindr.

Across the course of a few brief nights the two men meet and the enigmatic actor draws Tyler into an intimate love affair that stirs new horizons inside him.

As he allows his walls to melt under the warmth of the actor’s gaze, Tyler discovers a new and previously unknown power in his own vulnerability.  
suddenly the old world of tequila, line dancing and quick fix fucks is no longer enough...

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