Insomnia is a Growing Problem

With around 1 to 2 million people suffering from poor sleep, insomnia is a growing problem. It is causing distress in the normal lifestyle of people as it causes depletion of energy and fatigue throughout the day. Most people try to cure the same by taking sleeping pills that contain melatonin, though there are other methods of curing their sleeplessness.

Like everything else, natural melatonin also has its pros and cons. These medications do provide short-term relief, but they also have certain side effects which can have threatening complications to human body.

A short note for you – Melatonin is a hormone which is produced by the pineal gland for controlling our internal clock and syncing with the circadian rhythms. This is why, it is one of the most popular and effective sleeping aids.

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Correct dosage of melatonin sleep aids

  • A grown-up can start with a dosage between two-tenths of a milligram (mg), gradually moving on to 3 mg, if not cured.
  • If this dosage does not give the desired results, an individual can gradually increase its consumption by consulting a doctor.

A similar dosage may cause unwanted reactions to an individual while not having a detectable effect in someone else. Age, weight, and general affectability to the supplement influence how much melatonin a man should take.

Now, melatonin overdose can be very dangerous and hence, should be avoided by patients at any cost. Those who use melatonin sleep aid regularly at a higher quantity needs to be alert regarding the terrible complications it can initiate.

Want to know what the side effects & symptoms are?

Incorrect dosage or improper way of consumption can often result in side effects, which may even be long term. As melatonin manipulates the sleeping manners, parents even make their children consume the same who suffer from sleeping disruptions. However, in case of children, more precautions are essential.

  • Continuous use of these supplementary hormones can cause migraine, dizziness, short term depressions, stomach cramps, infertility, diarrhea, hallucinations, irritations, etc.
  • It is also advised not to drive or operate machinery within 4 or 5 hours of taking the dose.
  • For people who are planning to have a baby, melatonin can diminish their chances of conceiving.

This is why, melatonin has even been started to be utilized to initiate infertility for those who do not prefer to conceive. Other than this, individuals utilizing melatonin have also reportedly felt baffled and irritated by the simplest of things.


To sum up, limited use of natural melatonin uk as a short-term sleeping aid all around is ok. However, the various reactions that make it unsafe for an individual should be kept in mind. Subsequently, counseling with a medicine specialist is always better while battling with sleeping disorders. An expert’s guidance can always ensure your melatonin consumption is safe and beneficial to you.

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