The Qualities of a Great Amazon Copywriter

Amazon copywriters’ characteristics are as differing as the universe of copywriters that are accessible to associations. Various foundations and encounters imply that each copywriter offers an interesting arrangement of characteristics and capacities. In any case, look nearer and you’ll see that few key characteristics are found in all great expert Amazon copywriters:

  • Writing capacity – it’s crucial to being a decent copywriter
  • Curiosity and a wide scope of interests
  • Ability to identify with crowd necessities
  • Discernment – capacity to comprehend a mass of data
  • Integrity


Composing capacity – obviously it’s the sign of a decent copywriter at Amazon

There are the individuals who propose that composing capacity isn’t one of the characteristics of a decent copywriter. I don’t concur. Over 25 years as an advertising director, tech writer, PR writer and copywriter has demonstrated to me certain that a decent copywriter must have great composing abilities. Whatever else resembles believing a carrier pilot who is certainly not a decent flyer; a web specialist who can’t structure; or a specialist without great clinical and patient relationship abilities. Great copywriters must have the option to compose well. That some great writers wouldn’t make great copywriters is valid. Yet, in my experience, every single great copywriter are likewise acceptable with the pen or word processor.

Interest checks

While a few copywriters have some expertise in a restricted scope of topic, others, including this writer, compose for a wide scope of divisions and business types. Today it’s a Gloucestershire helicopter organization; tomorrow, a worldwide vehicle maker. One week from now, SEO duplicate for excellence medications; one month from now, specialized amazon copywriting service for an engineering business. For each situation, ‘getting inside’ a business, understanding what makes it not quite the same as its rivals and why it is the business it is takes interest, and bunches of it. Great copywriters are incessantly intrigued by what individuals and organizations do, and how various kinds of composing can make correspondence progressively viable. Truly! Interest tallies!

Sympathy: the crucial capacity to identify with crowd necessities

Great copywriters rapidly comprehend what is most important to their crowd, how certain words, voice and tone will connect with a site or handout peruser – and how others won’t. Without this capacity to identify with what a peruser is looking for, there’s little point to copywriting.

The capacity to pick between what’s applicable and so forth

As Amazon copywriters, we’re regularly looked by a mass of source material: advertising plans; interviews; promoting security; research results, etc. Our assignment is to comprehend this plenty of data, consolidate it into chunks of correspondence gold that will inspire an emotional response from anybody from a corporate CEO to an irritated young person, and use it suitably. That is insight as it applies to copywriting: great copywriters possess a great deal of it.


Last, yet assuredly not least, comes respectability. Great Amazon copywriters know instinctually how to treat customers and providers decently; how to offer most ideal guidance instead of simply making a fast buck, and how to manufacture long haul connections dependent on such respectability.

Composing capacity, interest, sympathy, insight and honesty: it’s a ground-breaking mixed drink of characteristics that, right now, joins to make a decent (make that ‘incredible’) copywriter that organizations can depend on for the since quite a while ago run. On the off chance that you are beginning in copywriting, ensure you have the blend right.

Also, in case you’re looking for an in-house or independent Amazon copywriter? You realize what to search for at that imperative first meeting.

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